Behavioral Email Retargeting

ShopBack identifies up to 37% of your unknown users who visits your site by email, even though they haven't filled out any information on your website!

How come? We have partnered up with more than 16.000 websites in order to create a cookie-pool of users associated to an email address so when any of those users (cookies) access your website, we already know his email.


Cookie-pool with 39 million makes us one of the biggest email retargeting platform worldwide.


More conversions


Average Open-rate


Average Click-through rate

Create Rich-Segmentation of users and triggers to communicate by email in a personalized and humanized way converting more users into buyers

Cart Abandonment Emails

ShopBack also uses pre-submit tracking which the feature used by all cart abandonment solutions on the market. This is an advanced feature that identifies a customer as soon as they enter their email into a form field, just by filling it out, even if they haven’t clicked [submit]. We bet we perform at least 2x times better than any cart abandonment solution (on average we generate 5 to 6x more revenue), if we don't, you don't pay!

Price Reduction Alerts

Cart abandonment emails are a good start, but what then? With ShopBack Big-Data Technology you can trigger behavioral emails to alert users who has seen a product but haven't added it to cart (or have added it), alerting that such product has a price reduction! Even though this user has never filled out his email on your website!
Amazing isn't it?

Product Recommendation

Following the same path as the other emails we can Integrate personalized product recommendations in every triggered email you send to your customers and improve click-through-rates and conversion rates

Personalized Segmentation

Let's say you'd like to create a specific segment of users who visit "Product X" and to those users you want to send an email, as it's from yourself, offering help in order to convert. Using our Rich-Segmentation tool you can do that and much more, just click and select!

Ready out of the box!
Your account comes with pre-defined email templates and onsite banners so that you can get started quickly. However, you have full control over templates and imagery and can change anything, anytime without contacting us.

All the features you’ll need:

  • Multi-stage campaigns
  • Ability to show
  • Rich segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Email suppression

5-Minute Setup:

Simply add our tag and you’re done. How come? Because we configure our system to capture data instead of asking your IT to send it to us. Our script loads after your page has loaded and will never slow down your site.