On-Site Solutions

98% of the users abandons your site without buying!

We're different in every ways from everything that you've ever seen! Extremely easy to implement, we have a full-house ready to help you so you don't have to do anything, just ask!


Increases on average 23% of the conversion rate of your website

ShopBack monitors over 400 attributes per second to fully understand the users digital body language & predict their next move.

Exit-Intent Technology:

Analyse, track and identify mouse-flow patterns in order to react prior to an abandonment.

Or activate it using another triggers such as geo targeting, inactivity, or source!

Or maybe you would like to show based on page scrolling or perhaps after an specific user action on your website.

Implemented in just 5 minutes, ShopConvert's technology combined offers more than 2000 triggers based on exit-intent technology, timing, scroll, geolocation, campaign source, navigation path or depth and much more!

Social Overlay + Product Recommendation

Designed by conversion optimization experts, ShopBack's exclusive Ultra-powerful "All-in-One" solution! Retain, Connect and Convert! Activated on "exit-intent" with an "Amazon-like" recommendation engine, the idea is to re-engaje the user showing him similar products related to his navigation. Also we show him the possibility to Facebook Connect, so we can then notify him on Facebook Notifications about new promos, or an abandoned cart! A "must-have" by all e-commerces!

Exit Intent Overlays

Designed by conversion optimization experts, ShopBack's exclusive "exit-intent" technology will help you convert abandoning visitors into leads, sales and signups.

Product Recommendation Overlays

Unique solution developed to maximize user retention and conversion, using a smart "Amazon-like" Recommendation Engine the idea is to show similar product to those users who are about to abandon!

Social Overlays

Overlay with Facebook Connect in order to increase lead capture. Once connected we can then automatically notify users on Facebook Notifications about a special promo or even an abandon cart let's say 2 days after he has created his cart!

Survey Overlays

Understand why your users are abandoning and give them choices based on their answers. Capture Leads, Call-Back embedded on the Overlay, Recommend other products, and so on

On-Site Product Recommendation

Our product recommendation engine understands the preferences and intent of each visitor and shows the most relevant recommendation type and products in real time. Recommendations improve as the engine learns more about each visitor. Customized for your site!

Personalized Recommendation

What if your site could talk to your users? We've developed an unique recommendation solution that calls your users by name and recommends him ideal products using our smart "Amazon-like" recommendation engine! Personalize, humanize and convert more!!

On-Site Alerts

Alerts on-site to build user confidence and generate sense of urgency, encouraging the user to convert right away!

  • 20 users are seeing this offer right now!
  • We've sold 57 of this in the past 24 hours!
  • A user from NY just bought one!

Stock Indicators

On-site alert activated when user hovers the mouse on the "add to cart" button (or activated by any other trigger), showing how many items are in stock generating sense of urgency. We can show real numbers or create dynamic random numbers.


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